Thursday, March 08, 2012


That MLB Gameday is bunk. They keep skipping batters. And having weird things happen, like an inning will happen, but then it'll go back in time, and the inning will start over, and new and different things will occur! Then they'll fall asleep for 15 minutes, with nothing happening, before they suddenly update 9 outs in 30 seconds. I know it's preseason, but if they're gonna do it, why can't they do it right? And by the way, the skipping of the batters happens in the regular season too. They should either fix it or eliminate it.

I tried valiantly to follow today's game under these conditions. The Sox and Jays tied, 3-3. Once again, all our pitchers gave up no runs except one (a 3-run inning by Justin Thomas). The Scoreless Brigade consisted of: Germano, Pena, Melancon, Tazawa, Spoone, Mathis, Blinkin, and Nod. None of the runs our offense scored came on hits. A sac fly scored one and an E scored two.

Thursday, we're at Busch South at 1:05.


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