Tuesday, March 06, 2012

O's @ SOX, Now [Update: WIN]

Bard, Aceves, Mortensen, and Bowden threw a total of 8 innings, giving up nothing but one hit and one walk. Only Alex Wilson struggled, giving up all four runs. But we scored 5 with a balanced-ass attack to beat the O's, 5-4. Side note: Baltimore has a guy with a great name: Xavier Avery.

MLB GameDay still using the old version of the Red Sox logo. But hey, this is only the fourth fucking season of the new one.

I'd actually be happy if this was GameDay's only problem.

Follow along on Gameday here. (No TV or radio.) Bard set down the first three he faced....

Come on, cut them some slack. You can't expect every tiny organization to get the logo thing right away. It's not like they're a sports global network or anything. Oh, right.
Haha. Yeah, it's not like MLB is connected to the Boston Red Sox in any way or anything....
Xavier Avery

Now there's a guy you can pin a label on.

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