Monday, March 19, 2012

No, I Didn't Get A Wrap

Did the annual "meet up with old CT friends for March Madness at Bobby V's in Stamford" this weekend. As AJM said in comments once, the waitresses now wear Red Sox shirts. Other than that, I saw one V-signed Sox jersey, and a collage of V at his press conference, at Fenway, etc. There could have been more but I didn't really look around the bar area as we were in the back room. But essentially it looked the same as it did last year, only this time we knew we wouldn't be seeing the man himself as we did last March.

Then it was on to NYC where Chan and I tossed the Aerobie around in Central Park in the beautiful weather today. It was seemingly clear, but when you could see faraway buildings, you could tell there was a haze. Which made said buildings look like ghosts, as you can see in the above pic of the Chrysler Building, and the below pic of the Empire State Building, whose second reign as the tallest building in New York is scheduled to end in about a month, when the new 1WTC will pass it.

It kind of freaks me out just how large it's looming here, its base 3.13 miles from where I was standing. The way it feels like it must sprout from hundreds of feet underground. And think about this: If that girl were the height of the Empire State Building, that lamp post would come up to around the top of her big toe.

I got to hear Castiglione on Saturday. He was talking about his upcoming book during the game, and while talking about it, we got to hear a classic Joe home run call. Cody Ross hit it, and then he hit one the next day. I love these guys with Fenway swings. Just loft a fly ball to left. Every time. If only it were that simple. Was good to hear that ClayHH had a really nice outing too. Monday at 1:35, it's Sox-Twins. Seventeen days till Opening Day....

Forgot to add, building on left in top pic is the Citi building, which is the one that kinda looks like Gumby from the side.

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