Wednesday, March 07, 2012

More Ticket Stuff You Should Find Useful

Red Sox-Yanks, April 20th, the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park.

Price of cheapest seats on the Official Scalper sites: $133 each.

Price on for those same seats: $28 each. You only have to buy tickets to one other game to get 'em, in the Double Play Pax. They also have Opening Day. You can get four together for these games, for as little as $12 each. It's amazing to me that A. they haven't sold these games out yet and B. people are paying four times as much (and way, way more) as they have to.

Gameday link for today's game against Toronto.

Thanks for the heads up on the 100th anniversary tickets. Admittedly, I didn't really want tickets to any game in group B, but it saves me from standing in will call. Appreciate it!
No problem!
So, I tried that and there are no tickets for the 4/20 game. Do you think they got your blog and someone bought them all? Flying all the way from Lake Tahoe and looking for 9 seats or SRO total ... but don't want to pay an arm and a leg. Also, it will be our first time there ... any suggestion for best SRO area?

Sox fans in Tahoe ...
Aw that stinks it's off the list. Too bad. You missed a lot of chances for that one but you probably couldn't have gotten 9 since there are limits anyway. If any more chances for that one come up I will blog about it but we're getting close to April now, it may be too late. Now lately, even for Yankee games (esp. non-summer) they hold some back, so keep watching the schedule. That 4/20 is the most in demand though, obviously.

As for SRO areas: I recommend the upstairs ones (Pavilion, Coke, Bud Deck, all those will get you up there), that way you have the option of being upstairs or downstairs. Downstairs are 5 bucks cheaper, and if you're stuck down there, the Jordan's Third Base deck is good since it'll keep you warmer on unbearable April nights. But if you get there early you can go all the way around and scope out your favorite spot. ONly problem is you can't usually see the scoreboard because of the overhang, and when people stand up it can be hard to see over them.

(Note: This all based on past years--they've been saying that they might start enforcing SRO people to stay in the area designated on their tickets. But I don't see that happening.)

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