Monday, March 12, 2012

Marlins Walk Off. Therefore, Red Sox Win.

Ciriaco with a two-run bomb in the bottom of the 10th to break the tie and win it for Boston, 5-3.

In the ninth, we were up one, and cut down the tying run at the plate. Then on a fly out to left, we had another chance to to throw out the tying run at home, but Lavarnway couldn't hold onto the throw, so instead of ending the game, it was tied. This after Atchison threw wild to first with plenty of time on an easy grounder. So the game never should have gone to the tenth, but I'm glad for "Sir Rocco," as Remy calls him, that he got to be a hero. People not glad to see the game go to the 10th: the ESPN announcers. Everybody thinks they're so funny when they talk about how they'd rather go home. There are so many fans who would love to announce a game. So, announcers, next time you've decided the game is no longer worth your time, let a fan jump into the booth. At least they'd care. (And I know they always do this in "good fun," but come on, as long as your network has decided to show the game and is paying you to announce, why sit there saying how much fun you're not having for the last four innings?)

Beckett had a few problems but settled down, giving up a run on one hit, but walking in a run and hitting two guys. Bailey's debut was awful at first, but he somehow got out of his inning with only one run allowed. Aviles doubled and tripled.

Ozzie Guillen got ejected, argued with the ump further, then yelled at another ump on his way across the field to leave the game, as both clubhouses are accessed through the Red Sox dugout. Bobby Valentine waved goodbye to him, and then getting interviewed the next inning said "he beat me!", since V himself has yet to be ejected.

That same interview was the highlight of the game for me. While he was talking with the announcers about how the team would be thinking 180 and 270 instead of 90 this year, meaning always thinking of going first to third, second to home, first to home, etc., there was a base hit to right by Papi with Adrian on first. V excitedly started saying "how about that Big Pap man!" and then went on to describe, as it was happening, Gonzalez attempting to go first to third. In this case, it was the wrong move, but we got to hear V talking to his players, telling Gonz that it's okay, that you gotta take your chances sometimes. Then talking to the audience at home again, he described how since the ball was in front of Adrian, he really shouldn't have tried for third--but that you're not gonna find the diamond unless you go digging for it. Or something. Seeing the team's hustle and solid fundamentals and aggressiveness on the field today, plus hearing Bobby talk about it all, pushed me toward being a conVert. He's still on drugs and makes stuff up sometimes, but he definitely wants to win and will do everything he can to make that happen. So we got that goin' for us.

Tell me the truth, Jere... how are we looking? I'm just now tuning in.
Oh she wants the truth..... It seems to be going as well as it could so far. But part of that means "no major injuries." Unless you count Crawford probably missing the start of the season.

But today there were definitely signs of us being a focused team really on the warpath to erase last year's collapse. You shoulda seen Papi hustling all day!

The win-loss record means nothing, of course, long as you have a good record, might as well take a positive from it, which is that in most games we've played, we just look like the better team. Hopefully that carries over.

And all the pitchers seem to be right on schedule, and no one's thrown in any krazy klunkers, except for a few who probably won't make the team anyway.
He's still on drugs and makes stuff up sometimes,

Hahahahahahahaha!!! Exactly so. But I'll share your reasonable and cautious optimism.

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