Thursday, March 15, 2012

Last Chance...To Do Nothing

My mom continued her lifelong hot streak of winning Red Sox ticket lotteries, this time the "last chance" drawing, which is made up of RF roof tables and Green Monster standing room (for select games--no Opening Day or 100th or summer weekends or Yanks). The sale started today at noon. I went in to do the dirty work on her behalf, looking for another Monster game. Really only wanted a single ticket. Got through right at noon. Picked my game. Went to select number of tickets, and...what now? Number of tickets an only be set to 0 or 4???

I think they goofed. The 4-only rule makes sense for the roof tables, since you have to buy the whole table. And that was the only other thing available in this sale. I think they set all tickets to the 0/4 setting, and by default, Monster standing room got the same fate. Which makes no sense--there's no reason to limit standing room seats to 4-ticket blocks! The whole point of a "last chance" sale is to get rid of your remaining stock, right? Not gonna do that forcing people who want 1 or 2 tickets to buy 4.

I've checked multiple games. It's now 12:15 and they're all still showing the 0/4 travesty. So look for either a new sale later, or, just call the ticket office later today or whenever and see if you can snatch up some of these, if you're looking to get on the Monster. (And by the way, there's no precedent here--I buy Monster SROs every year and I've always been able to get the exact number I want, even singles.)

[Update, 3:16: Almost every game is shown to have nothing left. I can't see how this is possible with only selling the Monster SROs in blocks of 4. So either they just happened to have multiples of 4 for every single game, or they all sold down to three or less for all of them, at which point they were taken off the board, or...I don't even know...regardless, terrible job not letting people buy singles (or even pairs!) today.]


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