Friday, March 02, 2012

It Begins (Or Same Shit, Different Year)

Check out today's Yanks-South Florida box score. The Yanks won 11-0. If you were, say, a major sports channel, and you were going to highlight the performances of three Yankees players from this game, which three would you choose? Four guys had two hits, so let's start with them: Almonte was 2-2 with a triple, 4 RBIs, and a run scored. Pena was 2-2, also with a three-bagger, and 3 runs and a ribbie. Bernie was also 2-2, and Curtis was 2-4. Nunez, Granderson, Laird, A-Rod, Garner, and Adams each had hits, with Nunez's being a triple. So you'd have to choose from those ten guys, most likely the first three I mentioned.

Now let's see who made MLB Network's list:
Well whatta ya know! Turns out I was way off--Derek Jeter was actually the star of this game. While he didn't collect any hits (what do you want from the guy, it's the first game!), or knock in any runs, he did score one (crucial, I have to assume) run out of the Yankees' 11 on the day. Gotta place him on top, no question. The TEN Yankee players who did have hits in this game just didn't stack up to the captain's maiden voyage of 2012.

[Alphabetical excuse? G comes from before J. Lineup order excuse? Pena hit above Gardner (who they actually confused with Garner--Brett was actually 0-1 with no runs or RBIs). Stars only excuse? A-Rod, Teix, and Nose Grandy Man all played. The one possible excuse I might except is that they were trying to make fun of Jeter by showing that he went hitless against a college team, but, again, Teixeira played and he went hitless and they didn't mention that, and besides, it would be un-American to mock Jeter like that, right?]

So what have we learned here today?

That it's gonna be a long season, on This Week...In Base-ball! I mean, on A Red Sox Fan From Wherever....

He's the most famous player on the team, so what he does or does not do is news.

Still, I look forward to the same graphic after he retires. Every single night, for years to come, it'll say "0-for-0, did not play" or "0-for-0, retired October 2014"!
I found an article about this game where Jeter makes the headline. Can you imagine being Almonte, going 2 for 2 with 4 RBIs, being all excited about it, then going online to see "Derek Jeter Makes Appearance"???

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