Friday, March 23, 2012

Harvard Beats Yale, 4-4

I guess Girardi decided the game was over. So it's over. And V was pissed since he was ready to play the tenth, pitcher warming up on the mound and everything. But Joe says he's out of pitchers and just walks away, without any kind of conference. Why couldn't he stick with the pitcher who was in there? The guy before him sat between innings and came back out. I think V is right, Joe just wanted to get out of there. He could have done a better job of getting his "no one left" agenda across, before our guy started warming. I had NESN, and they were on commercial when the Yanks left and the crowd started booing. We came back from break, Orsillo said it was over, and they rushed off to hockey. So I didn't find out about what happened until later. I could talk a lot more about V speaking his mind, the media's coverage of it, and how it's going to affect things, but I'm gonna save that for a whole other post. Moving on....

Was cool to see Tito going around talking to the players--but in gym-coach formal! Weird to see him on the field out of his baseball clothes. If the ESPN feed hadn't been blacked out,, I would have watched to listen to Tito--including him talking to V during the game. Instead I got the NESN cameras showing him, and Don and Remy talking about how he seemed to be talking non-stop to the truck but not to the audience. Pretty funny.

I should've seen that game-tying suicide squeeze coming in the bottom of the ninth now that V is at the helm. Also would have loved to see the play at first on that squeeze, but NESN never showed it--not live, not on replay. They also missed a full pitch at one point because to come back from a highlight, they required a three-screen wipe, the first saying "Red," the second saying "Sox," and the third saying "Baseball." While watching all that I knew they had to be missing stuff. They better not do that come April. Or--don't do it when something's happening! Genius, huh?

Hopefully Pedroia is okay. Kind of shitty how after he got hit by the pitch, the first base ump calld him out on the swing. The home plate ump had sent Dustin to first, he's writhing in pain, and neither the catcher nor pitcher appealed, yet the guy goes out of his way to say it's a swing on what was right on the line between check and swing.

I liked what I saw out of Aaron Cook tonight. Including his two pickoffs.

Like I always say, it's good to beat the Yanks at any time of year. That's right, I'm calling this "tie" a win. If one team leaves, the other wins.


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