Thursday, March 22, 2012

GM SRO For Everyone!

Remember how I noticed that in the "last chance drawing" for Monster standing room, the Red Sox botched it and only allowed them to be sold in fours? And how I felt that meant they'd be stuck with lots and lots of them? Well, they've put them on sale to everybody. Whole season. Minus summer weekends and Yanks/Opening Day. I just bought some. Get yours now. Note: If you want more than 4 (max is 10), you may have to enter quantity two or four, click continue, and then click "Add" and keep adding seats until you reach the amount you want. See example below. (I chose a random game--no, I didn't actually buy the ones you see here.)
See note below.*

Watch out for bugs, though--some games I was trying for 1 but it would only allow 2. But eventually I found games that were allowing singles. But in an ironic twist, I ended up getting 2 for a game and no singles. But if I had decided that I only wanted a single for a certain game which only allowed deuces, I was all ready to break out a Twilight Zone reference--the one where the plane flies into the age of dinosaurs, and then comes back--but not far enough! Because before, I wanted 1 and they only sold 4s, and now it would have been only 2s--still unacceptable. But, whatever, I think if you keep clicking around you can get exactly what you want.

It's funny. To get Monster SRO, at first you had to win the lottery, or call that day as I did, with a 4 ticket limit. Then, you had to win the Last Chance lottery, also with a 4 ticket limit, only you HAD to buy exactly 4. And now...on sale to general public, 10 ticket limit. There are also games with entire bleacher and upper bleacher sections still unsold. No excuse not to get to Fenway (assuming you want to) this year. More importantly, there's no excuse to overpay to go.

*(These $35 tickets, for this same O's game, are going for $110 or $190 each on ShitEaterHub. The Marlins series, also weekdays and also available for $35 face value right now on, is going for $125-$300! And by the way, despite changing their seating chart, FuckHub still hasn't corrected the fact that they don't differentiate between bleacher (face value $28) and upper bleacher ($12) on the map. Therefore customers are misled into thinking all these seats' face values are the same. Sellers can base their marked-up price on 28 instead of 12 for upper bleachers. The Red Sox obviously are aware of this as BarfHub is partnered with MLB--shame on all three.)


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