Saturday, March 03, 2012


Edit, much later: Sox beat BC 6-3 in night game. Tazawa stunk. Doubront was fine. Papi hit what looked like a massive dong but it was caught in front of the right field fence.

Update, 5:00: The Red Sox dropped a quarter of a hundred runs on the Huskies, winning 25-0. Lester pitched two fine innings. Gonzalez, Lin, and Sweeney homered once and Ross homered twice. Great prediction by me on the Joy of Sox board: I saw Lin was entering the game, and thinking back to the article I read in PawSox Patter about him the other day, I decided to predict he'd homer "this inning or next." He would homer that inning, just 8 minutes after the prediction. (He actually got TWO more at bats in the following inning alone, walking and scoring on THREE STRAIGHT wild pitches, and singling in the game's 25th run.)

The 2:30 Red Sox-Northeastern game today has no TV or radio, but will live-blog it here. Also: Gameday here.

The 7:00 Red Sox-Boston College game will be on NESN/ David Ortiz will be playing first base.

Phillies-Yanks on MLB Network right now. Baseball is on! (The Yanks scored in the first on a wind-blown double. Jeter's not playing but I'm pretty sure his standing on the top step affected the air currents in the ballpark just enough so that the ball stayed fair. You can't teach that.)


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