Saturday, March 17, 2012

Booooooo. (-Tures At Fenway.)

[Note: This post gets an update at the bottom, which I wrote before even publishing this. So read all the way through. If you were gonna skim.)

When they had the presale for the Futures doubleheader, I was disappointed to see that EMC club seats and Monster Seats were not available. I figured since they were the most coveted seats, they decided to hold them back until the general onsale date. That date was today. And those seats are still not there! In other words, unless they're actually gonna have a lottery for those seats (extremely doubtful*), they've decided not to let anybody up to those two usually exclusive areas that day.

Terrible job! The whole point of that day is to allow people to see baseball at Fenway Park cheaply, and see it from areas which are normally off-limits to those who weren't born with a silver ball gag in their mouths. And now they've taken some of that away just so they can (presumably) open up less of the park/pay fewer employees.

Those EMC seats kind of renewed my interest in this event last year (photos). It's the one place that I'd never sat before (besides suites) that I'd really want to sit, if I could ever afford it. And since I can NEVER afford those seats for a Red Sox game, I had it in my head that I'd go back to this event every year and sit up there. Again, this isn't something I feel I'm entitled to--it's the whole point of the event, as they've always portrayed it.

The friends I wanted to take to this game who've never been to Fenway Park? I think I'll still probably be taking them. But instead of the team getting 30 bucks a head from us, we'll just grab the $5 seats and sit wherever we want (except, ya know). No way I'm spending 20 on field box when I can go sit there for 5.

*Doubtful since even these most desirable seats aren't that desirable for this event, just because it's relatively sparsely attended. That EMC seating area is pretty small, and it was peppered with empty seats last year. So I don't know why they'd need to hold a lottery. And I checked the press release, and it DOES say specifically that Monster and EMC seats will be on sale at the usual $30 price. So what's going on here? It's not like they would have sold out--I was in the presale right away, and was in today right at 10:00. It's so not-in-demand that there isn't even a Virtual Waiting Room. Guess I'll have to call them.


Okay, before even posting this, I did call the ticket office. The woman said she did have Green Monster seats. About EMC seats, she said no. After I asked if they would be selling EMC at all for this event, she had to put me on hold to find out, and then came back and said: "They may become available at a later date, but at this time we don't have any inventory for it." Weird. So we'll see what happens. I will stick to my venom above until they put those seats on sale--I just hope they TELL US when they do. And remember, if you want Monster seats for this, it looks like you're gonna have to call 877 REDSOX9.


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