Sunday, March 25, 2012

Bobby And Jobby

From an article:

"It's all ridiculous," Valentine said of the daily question surrounding who will man the [shortstop] position for the Red Sox

I like when V tells the media they're being ridiculous. I look forward to more of that, no matter the topic.

As for the Red Sox' own version of Joba, Bobby Jenks: eff that guy. Another one of these people who brag about how they've "found Jesus," yet seem to live their lives in direct opposition to what Jesus supposedly preached. What would Jesus do? Apparently, he'd go to a strip club, crash his car into another car, leave the scene, then go driving around on painkillers. I'm sure his wife and kids--the ones he said he gave up drinkin' for--are very proud of him. I know he had some kind of near-death experience with his surgery and he must be pretty messed up, but he's an adult, he has to know better. He and Joba should go off and start a trampoline business together. Tramp No Lean. I never wanna see either of 'em again.


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