Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Big Day

Got my 10-game plan tix yesterday. They can send these things to me by pony exfreakinpress for all I care, but putting them in a chintzy paper envelope is a bad idea. That's how tickets get destroyed. My mail guy bent the whole thing to shove it through the slot--but I'm sure other people found their tickets in worse shape than that. I've had this plan since it started in '04, and we've always gotten a cardboard envelope until this year.

Other stuff:

Finally, some pocket skeds. They included five. They've stopped putting them in the individual game ticket envelopes so I had none until now. But I did have the big magnet schedule already since they give those at at Fenway on the final day of the season, since the schedule is released in September these days.

In the past, tix came in 5-ticket sheets. This year, they've managed to get all 10 onto one block. And the season tickets are horizontal instead of vertical. So with the paper envelope, the fewer sheets of tix, and the fact that the tickets are all plain in tribute to 1912, it was a pretty flimsy and unappealing package. But only physically.

The only other thing in there was a letter from the evildoers at the official scalping partner of the Red Sox, encouraging you to break Massachusetts state law Part I, Title XX, Chapter 140, Section 185D. Still gets me every time, the team telling us how they want to crack down on scalping, while the scalpers themselves are sending out instructions on how to scalp directly from Yawkey Way.

Anyway, we the fans can help to stop this by not being greedy. If you have extra tickets, find a friend.

I say "help" to stop this because the main culprits are the people who buy tickets strictly to sell them. It's very simple. Make that truly illegal and they'll stop buying up the tickets. Instead, the teams/leagues partner up with the damn sites that make it all possible. All while the cops around Fenway give a nod to the sweatpants scalpers around Fenway and look the other way. (This isn't a metaphor. Hang around Fenway one day. You'll quickly figure out who the scalpers are. Then wait till you see a team of pigs roll by. Watch them as they and the scalpers nod at each other before they both keep walking.)

Wow, the tone of that post changed mighty quickly, eh!? See you at the ballpark!


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