Thursday, March 01, 2012

Arkansas Amblers (March Marchers?)

From the Providence Evening Tribune, exactly 100 years ago today.

I love how they reported on the Red Sox taking walks! Like, actual walks. Over "the mountains." This of course is from spring training, which was in Hot Springs, Arkansas in those days. It's funny, too, because seeing those three names together reminded me that I've seen a picture of them together, out of uniform, before. I searched for that image, and sure enough, ol' Cy has a walking stick in the shot. It's one of their walks* from that same spring training of 1912. Nuf Ced McGreevy is also in there--maybe he was on the walk described above, too, and maybe they just left him out of the write-up since he wasn't, ya know, on the team.

*It could even be the same walk--the paper is from March 1, but it's an evening paper, and the article is actually dated March 1. And the picture just says "March 1912." So let's just go ahead and make an ass out of you and me and say it's the same walk.

Dude, that's a cool story and a freakin' awesome picture.
Yeah, I love that shot. I also love how you've got the living legend who'd just retired, the returning player who is starting the year as player-manager, the player who will succeed the other player-manager as player-manager the following year, and the head of the "fan club."
Check out this one!!!
Cy "setting the pace"! This could be "our" walk! Man, climbing hills has always been awesome.

You'd think they'd have exact dates for these!

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