Friday, March 30, 2012

Agent Of Green Death

Back in the late 90s, my friend Chan would always say how odd it felt rooting for a guy named "Chad." He was talking about the Yanks' Chad Curtis. Now we Red Sox fans might have to get used to rooting for a man named "Cody." Ross has hit 2 dongs today, giving him 6 on the spring. (He also hit 2 against Northeastern which don't count in the "official" ST-ats.)

I consider this in in-your-face to Mike Francesa, who yesterday went down the list of HR leaders, and when he got to the guys with 4, he just trailed off, seemingly purposely leaving Ross out. Granted, a bunch of guys had 4, but A. he didn't say that, he just said "...and this guy's got 4, and those are your home run leaders" and B. he obviously chose to only give the "important" guys. You couldn't leave him out after today, now that he's tied for the league lead. I hope Mike gets to know the name well when Cody's lofting fly balls into the Monster Seats against the Yanks.

And singing this!

Also--Bard with a great start today so far. Five innings, one run. Seven Ks. But now starting to weaken a little in the 6th.


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