Monday, March 12, 2012

The 2012 Red Sox Have Drank And Swallowed But It's Just Begun

Love to see those low numbers on the board for the other team in spring training. Lester gave up one run, and none of the other pitchers gave up any. We beat the O's, 6-1.

RedSoxDiehard took some photos of the Red Sox in Florida recently. Nice that she got the home whites for a lot of these. I also have been on the lookout for any Sox wearing the Fenway 100 patch on the other sleeve. (Like a lefty wearing a right-arm patch on the right as to not affect his pitching arm, a la Bill Lee in the 70s with the bicentennial patch and Yawkey armband.) And she nailed it--one of those pics has Jacoby wearing the patch on the left instead of the right. But that pullover he has on is different from anything anyone else is wearing, so that's probably why. (Plus, he throws lefty anyway--if anything, righties would be switching, if they're "allowed" at all.)

Speaking of the patch, I like the look of it by itself, but a horizontal patch on a sleeve? Out, damn spot! I think a circular or slightly vertical one looks much better there. The 75th anniversary one was perfect, as it was a diamond. Also, it was in the team colors with only a tiny splash of green. I kind of don't like seeing a bunch of green on a Red Sox jersey.

Wait a minute. As a way to wrap an old idea back around and have it make sense, and as a way to force myself to accept a green, horizontal splotch on the players' sleeves, maybe that patch could serve as the official mark of the rallying cry of the 2012 Red Sox...Green Death! Like the lightning bolt for the Knights. I picture a championship montage in black and white with only the green showing up in color, and "Surprise! You're Dead!" by Faith No More playing in the background.

Or Gonzalez about to swing--and the patch flashes a bright green light for a half-second before he wails one to Williamsburg. Green Death! I'll keep killing you till the end of time!

Thanks for the link! Leave it to you to catch that Jacoby's patch was on the other arm. He wore the blue pullover every day. So did Crawford, and it looks like his was on the left too, so I guess it's just the style of shirt - although why they made that one different I don't know. I just went back over my pics from the games, and I do have one of Ellsbury in his red uniform jersey with the patch on the right arm like everyone else.

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