Friday, February 03, 2012

A *Would-Be* Win

Wow, again they put Opening Day and 100th anniversary day games on sale before the lotteries start, with the SRO packs. I got in right away at noon, had OD tix, but then didn't buy them, since I already have them. But it's always good to get practice in the Virtual Waiting Room--and it's fun to pat yourself on the back when you succeed--even if you're not actually making a purchase.

I did take the opportunity to finally record the "haunted choir" of Tessies, though. Check it out:

I would have given you a heads-up on this sale, but I didn't see the e-mail till about ten minutes to 12. You can try to get in now--I don't know what's still left though.

For somebody who puts such an emphasis on everybody having a shot at tickets, it seems a little odd that you would help jam up the VWR by "standing in line" with no intention of buying anything. While you're patting yourself on the back for getting through, some other guy is slamming his desk in frustration. Nice one. What constitutes "practice" for the VWR? Just sitting there watching the little timer?
Come on man, we the real fans are on one side, and the people who buy just to resell are on the other. Anytime I get tickets, you know it's me going to the game as a fan. (Or GIVING them to my readers in contests.) Today, I thought, whoa, more tickets available. I went in there, thought about getting them, almost did, but decided not to. I was in and outta there in three minutes. And I didn't buy any, so you STILL can't criticize me since I let those go to another fan (who most likely is reselling them for a profit anyway, something I've NEVER done.) I had the chance today to buy up to four for opening day for 20 each and sell them for 100 each, but I did not and don't ever do that, even though I could really use the money. So, to sum up, Me: guy who gives tips, constantly tells people when tickets go on sale, then comes home from games with all kinds of pictures for people who never get a chance to see Fenway. Almost everyone else: greedy a-holes.

"Practice" just means trying out different ways of trying to get in as fast as you can.

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