Monday, February 06, 2012


I'm the proud winner of Section 36's annual Scavenger Hunt! It's my second win in three years. The blogmaster over there is throwing the word "dynasty" around....

See the pictures of the stuff I found over at his blog. I'd like to thank my teammates and my lord and savior, Richard Leo Gedman. Actually, I would like to thank Kim for going with me over to Fenway Park and the Yawkey Way Store after a brunch we had in Brookline with 6 friends, all of whom I'd also like to thank for not mocking and ridiculing my scavenging plans too much.

Below is the pic I got the most things into: Poster with Sox player on it (a Greenwell one I've had for 20 years); food item with Sox player on it (Papi Wheaties I got in '05); Sox media guide (an '08 one I got from a Fenway Yard Sale); Sox autograph (A Buchholz card I won on one of those ebay group breaks); a Sox magnet schedule (a 2012 one I got at the last game last season); a ticket stub from a Sox ALCS game (2008--the comeback); a ticket stub from section 36 (5/1/2011); and a Sox cup (I assume he didn't mean the dick/balls-protecting kind so I used an old Fenway souvenir one).

I also thought it would be cool to use a pic of me with my mom and dad when I was 5 years old for "male and female Sox fans."

Yes, the souvenir store helped with some of the other items, but hey, I used plenty of stuff I already had. (Actually, I don't know which of those is considered less legit in the scavenger hunting community). And if you wanna beat me and my budding dynasty, try to take me out next year, sucka!

Why would anyone ridicule scavenging plans?

It's an interesting question whether one-stop shopping is more or less legit than just using stuff you already have in a scavenger hunt. I know I could care less.

Well done!
Mom here.
Uh... where do I find "male and female sox fans"?
Click on the "over at his blog" link to see all the pics I sent in.

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