Thursday, February 09, 2012

Ridin' That Train To Florida

Here's your TV/radio schedule for spring training (and beyond). We'll only have to see the Twins on TV twice! Speaking of the team from the city whose average high temps in the summer are pretty much the same as Providence's*, we play them six times this spring, which means there's a chance of a Mayor's Cup tie.

And surprise, a constantly wired workahaolic from the 80s says he was coked up most of the time. Oil Can fesses up.

*I happened to look this up earlier today

Kinda makes eating chicken during a game even less of an issue.
Yeah. You may have noticed I've never even mentioned that non-subject on this blog.
How I got my autographed Oil Can ball: Mom

Two or three years ago, I am put in touch with a lawyer who wants to act as literary agent for Oil Can. I'm thinking a memoir by Oil Can will be sensational since Oil Can had to overcome some pretty big hurdles based on his race, i.e. Black men don't pitch. So I gave the lawyer lots of advice and he had Oil Can sign and send me a ball which I'm staring at as I write--place of honor on my desk. (Oil Can is also an expert calligrapher.) I can't wait for the book and I hope he's stopped his illegal drug use.
Oh that's right, you were integral in this project! How could I forget?? We also met him together that time with Gedman and Bill Lee and got our picture taken with all of them.
Here's a plane for you to take down there:
Ha. I would have shown the plane facing to the right so that the socks are not backwards but whatever.

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