Saturday, February 11, 2012


What a feeling it is when you finally get that confirmation screen. Because you know even after you've sat through the VWR and found your seats and entered all your info, they still could call shenanigans on you at the last screen and just say your order failed and you're totally screwed.

I got the relief feeling around 12:23 today. VWR opened around 11:46, little man appeared around 11:56 in Chrome, 11:58 in Firefox. I had men in the second and fourth position to start. Twos moved up to ones around 12:05, and around 12:20 the haunted choir of Tessies began. Used two of my tickets to get a game for mom and Charlie, and got two other single Yanks games for myself (it was a 4-tix limit). I've got more windows ready to roll if any of you winners are stuck deep in line. (You know the drill--you'd just have to trust me with your credit card, address, etc., but you know where I live....)

I was able to get through right around the same time (about 12:17) and got opening day tix. I don't think I could breathe until I got the email confirmation.

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