Sunday, February 12, 2012

People We Know On TV (Updated)

On NECN's* Truck Day coverage, Cyn** (Toeing the Rubber) made it into the background of one shot (below, left), and Kelly (Sitting Still) was interviewed (below, right) outside Fenway Park.

Seven degrees on Mt. Washington? Spring really is here!

*For people who are familiar with NESN but don't live in New England: NECN is a different network (unlike NESN, it is available in Fairfield County--I remember getting it in my Danbury apartment where I lived from '02 to '04), with news all day long when they're not showing paid programming, and a low-key, public broadcasting-esque style, much like New York's NY1 channel. New England Cable News.

**Really should have used a "Cyn of Spring" reference in this post, right?

[Edit, Sunday morning: Below I've added the full shot Cyn was in. The person shown with the camera is Kristen, who, like Cyn and Kelly, runs an amazing site: Red Sox Diehard. I bet those NECN people didn't even realize all the famous people they captured in this story!]

Does this cover everybody?? If you were in this story too, let me know....

And in the brown jacket, with the Red Sox glove, holding up the camera - that's me! Didn't even realize Cyn was right behind me.
Oh wow! That's cool! I'm glad I didn't cut you out entirely, ha... I'll add the full screen shot of you.
This is so funny. I knew if anyone would find it it'd be you!

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