Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Memorial Stadium Site, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, North America

On the Maryland portion of my Florida trip, I went with Brian and Jen to the site of the old Memorial Stadium. They've put an artificial turf field on the spot, with home plate right where the old one was.

I always liked how you could see trees beyond the outfield fence on TV. The trees that were right behind the outfield wall are gone, but you can still see the ones that line the street that borders the site. Unfortunately, the field is fenced in, and we decided not to hop it. But I still got to stand right on the grounds, on the spot that would have been the area around the plate. So I got that goin' for me. Thanks to Brian for taking the pics.

You've been a big fan of Francona, as well as defended Manny, how do you feel about Francona's comments on Manny (albeit off the record)? "Manny's the worst human being I've encountered."
Read what Tito himself said about that then get back to me.
He said it was a private convo between him and Gammons, he didn't exactly own up to those exact words, but he did say he was pissed at Manny and said some strong stuff about him to Gammons.

It wasn't an interview with Gammons, those words were off the record, but it certainly sounds like he probably said something to that effect after the McCormick incident. He said he wasn't happy about what Manny did, so he said something to Gammons that was supposed to be printed. What exactly did I misinterpret here?
correction: ...that WASN'T supposed...
Well you quoted him but he says he didn't say that. He says he was pissed and said something negative about Manny. Fine.
BTW, he speak on OTL about it:
The Braun thing is crazy, apparently the rumor is he had herpes. Manny should have used that argument.
Who knows what's going on there--but the Selig/Brewers connection will be much talked about.
Totally forgot about that connection, but yeah...that does get people to speculate that something isn't right here.

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