Monday, February 13, 2012

Gedman Among Six Finalists For All-Fenway Catcher

In the coming months, you (and also I) will get to vote for the All-Fenway Team. Each position has a handful of guys for fans to choose from.

Gotta get Pedro in there over Roger. And hopefully Lowell and Mueller will both beat Boggs at third. The top 5 second-placers get awarded with the 10th Man prize. And all the winners will be honored throughout the second half of the season in pre-game ceremonies. I don't wanna see Clemens or Boggs on that field. Or Damon! So we gotta get Lynn and the Lil' Professor into those top two spots at CF. (Sorry Tris Speaker, something tells me the guys from way back are gonna get hosed on this, unless their name is Ted Williams.)

Oooh, nice job getting Dave Roberts involved by having a "bench" category. He and Bernie Carbo should take the top two in this field: Jerry Adair, Bernie Carbo, Alex Cora, Billy Goodman, Dalton Jones, John Kennedy, Ted Lepcio, Rick Miller, Dave Roberts and Dave Stapleton.

And Papelbon has a real shot at winning the "bullpen" category. I would love to see that. What a hand he would get, especially if at that point we're using the "one lucky fan as tonight's closer" theory after having let the best closer in Red Sox history go for no reason.

Will be nice to see Tito honored, too, as he's a lock for manager.


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