Saturday, February 18, 2012

Double Dialin'

Wow, I actually sat redialing two phones for two whole hours. I lost the Green Monster lottery, so I was stuck with the phone route at 2:00 today. I used one phone in my hand and then had the free phone that GMail gives you going on the laptop. I was rooting for the real phone to win, as it's less likely to cut out or end the call or have the Wifi signal drop for one little second therefore losing everything. Well, the GMail phone won, and I'm happy to say, I was able to place my order with the nice fellow at the Red Sox ticket office and get what I wanted. (You know my deal--standing room only, then see if you can slide into a seat, for just $35, instead of guaranteeing a seat for a hundred-fifty bucks or whatever.)

The bad news: I was also trying hard to get some Yanks 100th anniversary Monster tix for a reader who desperately wanted them. By the time I got through, though, at 3:57, I was told all Yankee games, including SRO, were sold out. (The ticket office guy let me know that I could of course still get them from "a scalper or S---H-- or something, but we're the ones who sell them and we are sold out." Isn't that weird that he'd mention scalpers?)

Anyway, I grabbed a screen shot of my little GMail phone, so you can see the "rating" I gave my call...


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