Friday, February 10, 2012

David Ortiz Takes Paternity Test, Meets Potential Son

According to this article, David Ortiz took a paternity test. I think. Then he met a kid that looks like him. And then according to the video below, he fled the scene before the Springfield Shopper could get him on film. Look, it's all in Spanish, and I'm a little rusty.

It's weird because I found an article from 2010 saying a kid named Edward Bonifacio wanted Papi to have the test, and now it's Edward Jiminez. Has to be the same person, right? So I guess two years later Papi agreed to it...and for some reason had to go to the Dominican and meet the kid to do it. And...we don't know when the results are expected. The Google Translate version of the article:

Santo Domingo: The Dominican baseball player, David Ortiz, agreed to a paternity test done and came face to face yesterday in the Dominican Republic with his alleged son. The meeting took place in a relaxed atmosphere. Both arrived on time for your appointment at the lab and spoke warmly in the test area. Edward Jimenez , 17, took months requiring you to the player to take the test laboratory. The youth, who also plays baseball, has a physical resemblance to the Red Sox slugger. "It's a great guy, we were talking and joking all the time," said Jimenez, the Dominican Telenoticias television. After the meeting, 'Big Daddy' did not attend the press that was in place, but unlike other similar events with celebrities, there was a large security operation. According to several interviews by the press quisqueyana, Jimenez trained in one of the academies that holds the major league in the country. In fact, the resident of the community of San Luis, runs daily walk a distance of four kilometers, hoping to be a contract for equipment in the United States. In recent days expressed the Dominican baseball player hoping to avoid salary arbitration with the Boston Red Sox. "I want this to be resolved before go to the court (arbitration), but I will leave in the hands of my agents. On I be doing now to train and prepare for spring training'' he said in remarks Ortiz picks Associated Press. Leading Dominican baseball player 36, Ortiz, 36, batted .309 with 29 homers and 96 RBIs last season as Boston's designated hitter.


Lottery winners: Good luck getting Yanks/OD tix today. Lottery losers: 2:00, call ticket office. Redial. Thank me later.

Happy Truck Day! It's gonna be a snowy one.

The least effective troll of all time: Can't even say the word "suck," and accuses me of being a fan of a team I don't have a problem with.

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