Thursday, February 23, 2012

Darnell Kicking Ass On The Pop-A-Shot

Seeing Red Sox players shooting baskets on N3SN every night has been fun. Tonight, Pedroia was on fire. After knocking others (Youk) for using the backboard, he quickly realized that was the way to go, and announced mid-round with a shit-eating grin that he would indeed be going glass. He set the record for pre-money ball total, then missed the money ball (which doubles your whole score) and rightfully claimed that it was a lighter ball. He proceeded to make two non-counting shots with the same ball before assisting his 2-year old son in dunking it into the garbage can.

But then Darnell McDonald stepped up and, despite claiming basketball wasn't his sport, went on an amazing run, beating Dustin's pre-money ball record AND hitting the money ball, making him unbeatable in this contest. See video above of Darnell's amazing performance.

I love this stuff, and I loved watching both these guys' interviews, since they're so natural when they talk, just goofin' around and not speaking in cliches (though some always sneak through). However, leave it to N3SN to miss some of the action. On every single shooter, they've purposely missed 3-4 shots to do a close-up of the guy's face while he's shooting! You can tell me that I'm nitpicking and that this doesn't matter and they know it doesn't which is why they purposely made the call to miss some shots to go with close-ups. Maybe that's true, but I'm just saying, What's the point of showing a live basketball contest if you're not going to show us whether the ball goes in or not? I swear they messed up Salty's score the other night because they went to the tape to get the official count, and at least one make (I think--it sounded like it went in) wasn't shown. Just fitting that they would miss stuff as that's come to be their tradition in baseball games during the season....

Mom here.

I missed last night! THANK YOU, THANK YOU.
Holy mackerel, Darnell is in some shape. He must work out!

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