Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'Cic Catch

Start at 1:55. Watch Bob Zupcic's amazing catch from 1992. I didn't think I'd ever see video of this play.* (In fact, last year, Bob himself claimed he'd never seen it. Hopefully he finally does before the Em Ell Beasts take it down.) Too bad the main camera missed his route to the ball, but they show it from several angles. [Quiz: Without looking, which of the Red Sox players to appear in this game later played a key role in the 2004 ALCS?]

The beginning of the video is Bob's first homer, a game-winning grand dong. It also brings back incredible memories hearing Ned Martin's voice. And while typing that sentence I thought to see if any videos are up with Ken Coleman's voice. His will always be #1 for me, as he was "the voice of the Red Sox" on radio when I was growing up, and that's how I got most of the games. I found one--a special he hosted on the 1967 season. The guy at 1:14--that's Ken. (I also like how at the beginning they call us "the sun-drenched, wind-burned, soar-throated fraternity, the baseball fans of New England.")

Oddly, they show the Yaz catch, which was one of Ken's most famous calls ("...and makes a tremendous** catch!"), with the TV call instead of Ken's.

Great commercial at 3:05, hyping up the convenience-doubling power of a second phone for your house!

Wow, this post strayed very far from Bob Zupcic. But that's how we roll here at A Red Sox Fan From Etc. Etc.

*I have no memory of it at the time, but have read much about it, with people saying how it was the best catch they'd ever seen. September '92? I was starting my senior year in high school and my first job, bagging groceries at Stop & Shop. So between having a lot on my mind and plate and the cellar-dwelling Red Sox not being on TV much, it makes sense that I would have missed that game. And without the Internet and only having access to New York papers, the extent of my Red Sox coverage was pretty much the score on CNN Headline Sports at :19 and :49, or waiting for the highlights (if any) on SportsCenter or CNN Sports Tonight. Look, quit grillin' me under these hot lights, I missed the damn game, okay?!

**I remember seeing the transcript of this call on Wikipedia, and someone had written "prodigious" or something instead of "tremendous," and I totally corrected their ass.

Thanks for sharing, Jere. I think I'll be putting up a post about this clip of the great Bob Zupcic. Did you notice the reaction the Red Sox players had when he crossed the plate. Celebratory, but not the insanity that goes on today, acting like you won the damn the World Series. And who was the "49" pitching in the second part? I thought "Tim Wakefield" but realized Timmy was still in Pittsburgh that year.
BTW, that pitcher was the immortal Paul Quantrill, the answer to your 2004 ALCS question...
Yeah didn't that look just like Wake at first?? And yes, it was Quantrill, also the quiz answer.
By the way, if anyone didn't figure it out, this is not one of my own videos, someone else posted it. Credit goes to nbdw641.

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