Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Buncha Stuff

Well isn't this fun? I bought those "digital tickets," the ones where you just swipe your credit card at the gate, and since then, somebody stole my credit card #, so my account has been closed, and I will get a new card with a new number. So now what happens when I walk up to Fenway with no ticket? Do I hold onto the old card just for scanning that day? Will the new card have all the account info from the old? I'll have to call the ticket office on this one. But I'm imaging a potential shitstorm, which will be bad enough aside from the fact that a thousand people on line behind me will be pissed at me.

Great story about a kid helping some old Negro League players get what they deserve. It got me thinking, there should be a Negro League version of retrosheet, with all the stats and box scores. I found that this site has a lot of info, but I don't see a centralized place for actual box scores. Considering how poorly reported the games were, I'm not sure that's even a possibility.

Here's Mark Melancon swimming with great white sharks in case you missed it. (It's essentially a commercial for the people that take people on these excursions, but it's still pretty cool. I just hope our new reliever doesn't get eaten by a shark.)

Me opening a grab bag on YouTube.

Kind of makes me like Mark Melancon.

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