Monday, January 30, 2012

New York City, FL

I sometimes like to listen to my old AM radio standbys, the FAN and WCBS-880 out of New York, when I'm driving. It seems like no matter where I move to, my car picks up these stations. My friend joked that I'm "grandfathered in." It's a little weird listening to the details of traffic jams on the Jersey Turnpike while driving through Attleboro, Mass., or some shit. But I'm just used to it. And of course I'd take the FAN over any Boston sports radio so that's a little more normal. But recently, I took it to a whole new level. I was driving to Florida, and listen to what was coming in crystal clear as I crossed the state line from Georgia:

Too bad you can't see much of Florida in the video, but those stations only come in down there at night.

I'll be posting more about my little big trip soon. Including my amazing feat: seeing the same street performer in Key West that I saw when I went there in 1992! More his feat than mine, I guess. But needless to say I shot video BOTH times. I guess that was needful to say. But I was. It's gonna be a fun comparison. I just have to find the VHS from twenty years ago. But I'm pretty sure I can come up with it.

Super Bowl contest is still wide open. Scroll down and enter.


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