Wednesday, January 11, 2012

More Proof Halper Was A Fraud

More from the Prime Minister on that "Mt. Rushmore of uniform fraud," the 1985 Sporting News cover photo.

It doesn't appear to be a case of fraud. Halper didn't manufacture or alter anything. He just had the wrong story. How come nobody questioned all of this stuff when he was alive? That cover came out in 1985. Why now? It's not like people were putting holograms on their uniforms in 1919 to authenticate them. He had to rely on family stories. Doesn't make him slime.
Have you been following all this stuff? He seems as slimy as they come. The guy was lying through his teeth on a lot of the stories he told. At least that's what the evidence points to.
I've been following some of it. I wish most of it had come up when he was alive to get his side. Just because he had the year in which he got an autograph 60 years ago wrong doesn't make him a crook.
I guess ask the people who've been ripped off by him if he's a crook.

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