Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Day

Good luck in the VWR this morning. I don't see any major changes with the ticket-buying system. I'll let you know how I did. Feel free to let me know how you did. I won't have time to wait around so if I don't get in early I'll have to deal with it. But I know I can get tix to whatever game I want just by waiting till that day almost arrives when they release more tix, so whatever.

How did you end up doing?
Didn't get through till about 10:45 (keep in mind I was "in the smaller office"), and got one thing I wanted but had to settle for not-exactly-what-I-wanted elsewhere. (Just meaning that the $12 seats were gone for some games by the time I got through.)

What about you?
Jere, you did see the story that they're going to sell "digital tickets" for the upper bleachers for a bunch of games, right? (Meaning that you'll get a receipt but you'll have to show up at the park with the purchase credit card and swipe it to get in.) April 13, April 20-22, June 8-10, June 22-24, July 6-8, July 16-19, July 20-22, August 3-5, August 24-26, and September 11-13. Those will be on sale February 1. Not sure if any of those were games you wanted.

I didn't get an audio prompt when I got through the VWR, so I'm glad I was watching. Wish I didn't disagree so much with the system about the ranking of single tix (had to put six singles in my cart to get to the one I wanted). Fortunately they added a button to add tix for the same game, which saved some time.
Yeah I saw this late last night, and am gonna do a post about it today. And that does explain why some of those games had no $12 seats!

Wow, no audio cue? That stinks. I had the haunted choir of pianos as usual.
The only game I was interested in was Patriots Day and it was pretty bare by the time I got in. I might keep trying for it as they release tickets, and might try for the Monster call-in-day for it.

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