Sunday, January 01, 2012

2012: Futures Altered?

Here's the latest on my borderline-obsessive speculation about Futures at Fenway 2012:

Red Sox schedule currently doesn't have any notation of the game(s) at all.

Paw Sox schedule still shows them playing at Fenway against Buffalo on August 18th.

Portland is already selling tickets to their home game that day, so they're out.

Greenville is on the road that weekend.

Salem has a home game scheduled that day and this release about their schedule doesn't mention a game at Fenway.

Lowell has a home game scheduled that day, and their season ticket plans imply you'll get 38 home games, and that August 18th game is apparently one of them.

So I don't see any other option for that second game, which lends revived, clear-watered credence to my original theory that they're only having one game this year--the Paw Sox-Bisons one. That's what the Red Sox schedule initially showed, before switching to the cryptic "Red Sox vs. Red Sox," and then removing it entirely.

However, Red Sox, if you're reading this, might I suggest again that you have an OLD-TIMERS game as the second game that day. Future Meets Past at 100-year old Fenway Park in 2012! Do it! (Bill Lee could play in both games!)


Me thinks not.
Well I can read this two ways. Compared to other stuff I obsess about, this is NOTHING. Compared to "normal" people, this is VERY obsessive.
For the past several years, I have done my best to attend the Futures game. Every year, I try to pin down when the game actually is. I appreciate your insight as it is very difficult to plan my summer without knowing the date. You at least narrow it down for me. And, I love the idea of an old-timers game. Thanks. Mike
No problem! Don't know if you saw my update to this, but the Paws say they're in. And 2 days ago I contacted Lowell and they say it's almost a certainty they'll be in. But yes August 18th is the day.
i wish they would have Greenvile and Salem each year.
Would be nice to see some new blood.

I'm still waiting to see any mention of this year's event on the Red Sox or Spinners site. The Red Sox never did put it back up on the sked, and Lowell is still showing a 7:05 game that night, though their tix don't go on sale till March 20. The Paws site says they're part of it, but doesn't have a time listed.
so Lowell and Pawtucket???
Paws have had it on their sked for August 18 for months. Lowell told me it's "almost certain" they are in. That's what we know so far.
ok thanks

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