Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Words To Remember

The Boston press can make or break you. No matter what you say, they're gonna write it up like they want.

--Jim Rice, February 1976

And? In other news, the sun is yellow, the moon is made from swiss cheese, snow is white. I think the athletes also help write their columns; few, if any, awful articles were ever written about Bill Mueller, Mike Lowell, Dwight Evans, Yastrzemski, etc. The media is not out to get anyone that doesn't provide the right amount of fodder. Who will you defend next, Carl Everett? Not like Jim Rice wasn't born a prick. He was!
Mom here.

Knowing that the blogosphere is not a democratic society, I still hope you won't eliminate Comment #1 as I so look forward to one of your most wonderful, apocalyptic rebuttals.
Eh, just trying the "let-post-and-ignore" method for a while.
And? In other news, the sun is yellow

No, it is not.

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