Monday, December 12, 2011

Throw It Back

Here's what we know about this season's throwback jerseys:

1936 uniforms will be worn vs. the A's on Wednesday, May 2nd (in honor of getting Jimmie Foxx from the A's prior to the 1936 season)

1912 uniforms will be worn for the pre-game ceremony on Friday, April 20th vs. the Yanks, the 100th anniversary of the first official game at Fenway Park

They say there will be four throwback games. I don't know if April 20th counts (or if the pre-game only account I read in some newspaper report is accurate). But I want to figure out the other 2 or 3 dates. Or at least what year's unis they'll use.

I'm assuming they'll only be using home uniforms. And the home jersey has been more or less the same since 1933, with the exception of the 70s pajamas. So I gotta figure (and I'm praying to all that is BillLee) that they finally break these out again. I was wondering about that one weekday game (besides April 20th) with the weird time, 4:05--the Mariners game on May 15th. I thought, Okay, Mariners started in '77, maybe we played them at 4:05 on May 15th in their first year. I looked it up. Close. We did play them on that date in their first season. And it was at 4:30 eastern time. Could that actually be why they made that game a late afternoon game? As I said before, it's a getaway day, but neither team is going very far afterwards, both play night games the next day, and most importantly, I've never seen the Sox go halfway for a getaway day--it's either a night game, or an early afternoon game. Why a slight head start for this particular game and only this game? I'm hoping it's their excuse to wear the '72-'78 pullovers and red hats. But why celebrate the Mariners' first season? To go along with the Foxx reasoning, is there a star player we got from the Mariners in 1977? Or some other late 70s year? I don't think so. But with not many clues at all to work with, it's not too crazy a theory.

And wait a minute, why did they specifically choose to use 1936 uniforms (Foxx aside)? It's the same fucking uniform we wear now! Except for a stripe around the sleeve. And the different B on the hat. 1935 (the calendar year in which we actually made the Foxx trade anyway!) is the way to go here--the "Red Sox" is different, with no blue outline. And the A's wore the same unis in '35 and '36, so it's not like they're just choosing that year to get a cooler A's uni. [Oddly, the press release says "For some games during the season, the Red Sox and the visiting team will wear throwback uniforms. Already on the schedule is May 2, when the A's will wear 1936 uniforms." They only say the A's will wear '36 uniforms. This could just be an issue with the language of the press release and what they mean is both teams will wear the '36 ones.]

As for the other possible games, they could just go with other years in the post-'33 era and essentially look just as they do now, but I gotta figure they try to make it more interesting than that. They did the blank jerseys last year, so let's eliminate those years. Some unique options are 1902 (the big "B A"), 1908 (the red sock), 1931 ("RED SOX"--different from today's font--with pinstripes), and several seasons (like 1930) with pinstripes and no lettering. All pre-'33 hats were different from today's. We already did 1908, and also 1902, I think. So those could be out but they are the two nuttiest. If they're doing this by "the first year of superstars we used to have," well...I don't really see anything matching that in any of these years, so....

I don't know. Maybe they'll just go with 1903 in honor of winning the first World Series. But against which team? We don't play the Pirates this year. If they do it by opponent, they could wear any of those older years when we play the Nationals, and have them wear Senators unis--or have the Twins wear Senators unis. We could break out the 1914s for a Braves game to honor the one WS they won in Boston, which was played at Fenway Park. Okay, fine, I'll go with those.

My final predictions:

4/20 vs Yanks: 1912 (pre-game only)
5/2 vs A's: 1935 (after they realize they should choose it over 1936)
5/15 vs M's: 1977
6/23 vs Braves: 1914
8/5 vs Twins or 6/9 vs Nats: 1931


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