Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sun Settin' On 'Eleven

Pic I took of sun setting into Long Island Sound during X-mas in X-nnecticut this year.

Have a fun, safe NYE. Due to a family sickness, Kim and I will be staying in. But if you think I'm gonna complain about getting to watch 48 hours of Twilight Zone episodes, you don't know me at all (or never read this blog around New Year's or July 4th).

20 effin' 12. All our lives we've looked at that Fenway Park 1912 sign, and now that's actually gonna be 100 years old. I also remember saying in 1985 how the impossibly futuristic year of 2000 was actually only 15 years away. But at age 10 I knew that was an eternity. A life-and-a-half. Now we've gone way past that even. AND STILL NO SILVER SUITS.


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