Monday, December 19, 2011


Season Ticket Holders: Has anybody gotten anything in the mail about tickets? I got an e-mail saying the order form and stuff will be "hitting mailboxes this week." That was the beginning of last week and I'm still waiting. I see where I can renew my 10-game plan on the site, but that's not showing what games I have. That's what I want to know. I'm gonna renew anyway, but I'd like to know what the damn games are. (Also would have been nice to know this before this first batch of tix went on sale--I thought they fixed that problem last year. Guess not. I know it doesn't matter for full-season people or weekenders since they know what games they're getting already. But we 10-Gamers seem to get the shaft a lot.)

I got something about the 100 years of Fenway book, but nothing about renewing season tickets yet other than the "watch for something in your mail" and the same thing you saw about how you can log into your account and renew online. this means you're in the Ten Club??? Or did this happen last year and I terribly forgot? It's been so many years you've been waiting, my brain has just assumed you'll always be waiting.

Got that Fenway book offer, too--10% off didn't do it for me unfortunately.

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