Sunday, December 11, 2011


Got through right at 10:00 just now and got my September tickets. Literally as my order was confirmed, my inbox rang as the team's "additional tickets now on sale" e-mail arrived.

Minor glitch: when I got to the "enter your name/password" screen, it didn't recognize me. Tried to do the "open new account" thing with a different e-mail address, but it just wasn't letting me through. I quickly went to another tab and tried again with my name/password, and it worked fine. Had to settle for tix two rows farther back. Maybe with my first try I was the first person on the Internet to get through and they weren't quite ready for me.... Who knows.

Oh and that credit card from yesterday? I later updated it so I'd be all set for today. But it still came up with the old expiration date. So I knew I again couldn't use the current version as it would give the "that card number already exists" message. And again, I had to use the emergency credit card.

Same thing happened to me. I actually ended up resetting my password; guess it was coinky dink that it finally worked. A new tab? I usually try a different browser but didn't think of that as the clock ticked down...
Well this was one of the many tabs I had running at the time. With the current system, all your tabs/windows will pop at once. I don't think I even really need to do that anymore, but it's like kicking the field goal on 3rd down, you have another tab to work with if you fumble the snap. (So I had to re-select tix, etc, that's why I got some 2 rows back.)

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