Thursday, December 15, 2011

Schedule Stuff

Barring rainouts, and if I counted right, and assuming all games are sold out, the 750th consecutive sell-out at Fenway will be Friday night, June 22, against the former Boston Braves.

The Futures day now shows "Red Sox vs. Red Sox." The Paw Sox schedule still has them playing the Buffalo Bisons at Fenway that day. And as I said in my other post about this, three other affiliates are home that day, but none of their schedules show a Fenway game. If you're thinking it actually is two teams called the Red Sox playing each other (to still have two affiliates appearing but only one game), it would have to be the Salem Red Sox vs. the Pawtucket Red Sox. But that would mean both of these teams rescheduling their already-scheduled games against other teams. I think they just messed up. Or they mean to say "we'll have two Red Sox affiliates here that day" and this is the bizarre way they've chosen to say it, instead of showing just the Paw Sox-Bisons game as they had it before. Who knows.

Looks like it's still January 28th for the big ticket sale. And we'll see if the "Red Sox Road Trip" is as lame as it was last year, when you suddenly could only use the voucher they give to buy tix for your state's "day" at Fenway. That should be announced the second week of January.


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