Monday, December 05, 2011

Past Meets Future

Bobby: "Watch out for these guys, Tito, they just might get a big lead, get complacent, and blow the whole thing, and everyone will blame it on you, and you'll get fired."

Tito: "Yeah sure, Bobby. And who they gonna replace me with, YOU? You're on drugs."

Photo by Jere, 4/1/2011.

So my Pepitone theory hasn't gained much traction. I commented on Martone's article (he specifically had asked the public for help) but I see no response yet. Couldn't find his e-mail address to write to him personally either. This was another one of those cases where I thought I'd be handed the key to the Internet for my work, but instead almost nobody cared. Oh well, it'll even out the next time I offhandedly post a video of my cat pooping or something and it gets 10 million hits. But I'm not giving up on Pepitone yet--hopefully I at least get a response from Martone.


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