Friday, December 16, 2011

Nuf Ced

This artwork is from a newspaper ad from exactly 100 years ago tomorrow. I was intrigued by the "Nuf Ced," of course. I knew that McGreevey said this a lot, hence the nickname. So I figured it was a common saying back then. But a news search from back then turned up hardly anything. Of course, it could be that everybody said it, but nobody wrote it like that in news articles. Or it could be that it was a regional Boston thing. But the odd thing is, this is from a Pittsburgh newspaper. (You can see William Pitt riding shotgun with Santa.) You'd think Pittsburgh people would hate this phrase, as Nuf Ced and the Royal Rooters notoriously mocked their players in the 1903 World Series, singing "why do you hit so badly?" to the tune of "Tessie" at Honus Wagner.

Nevertheless, Pickering's Furniture used the term twice in this ad, once on the sled and once on a reindeer. Go figure.


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