Friday, December 30, 2011

"It's Beautiful"

I think it's a great thing Mets knuckleballer R.A. Dickey is doing. He'll be updating his progress climbing Kilimanjaro on the New York Times Bats blog. His post from Thursday is here. (And here's his introductory entry from early this month.) He's doing it to raise awareness about human trafficking. The goal is to open a health center for girls in Mumbai who have been forced into brothels.

Meanwhile, the Mets have continued their unfortunate recent tradition of consistently making the wrong decision, saying they're pissed about this because he might get injured. Of course you're concerned when your players do potentially dangerous things. But when the press asks you about it, you just say "We did inform him about the possible ramifications as advised by our legal team, but we support the cause and wish R.A. the best with this endeavor that clearly means a lot to him. We look forward to seeing him climbing the mound again come spring." See what I did with the mound thing there?

I have to point this out: In his recent blog entry linked above, look how they've captioned the accompanying picture:

Come on! Did the captioner skim or what? Thinking the impressive part about climbing a mountain is the plane ride to get there reminds me of the mermaid in Splash thinking her gift was the box it came in.


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