Saturday, December 03, 2011

The Future Of Futures At Fenway

Futures at Fenway will be Saturday, August 18th. Pawtucket will take on the Buffalo Bisons. I don't see any evidence of a second game, though. I checked the schedules of our four other affiliates, and three of them have home games that day, but their schedules indicate they are normal non-Fenway games.

It could be they haven't decided which team they're going to pick. But I'm wondering if maybe they're just making it a single game this year. They never fill the place for those games, so maybe they figure they only need to do one game--have a packed house for one game instead of two half-full houses. They make the same money either way. Also, the big club is playing the Yanks at 4:05 that day so maybe they're all set with having a single noon game and then letting everybody go home.

Also, check out this sweet eff-up from the press release for the Frozen Fenway events:

Hey, I can't expect the Boston Red Sox to know what NESN stands for.


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