Friday, December 09, 2011


Old pic of Fenway Park, from the horse-pulled wagon days. I love the fact that there weren't any buildings across the street yet, so you get a wider view that you can't get today. But also, check out the far right, top floor. You can see two curtains with the "FP" logo on them. I noticed these on Mothers' Day 2010, and two pictures of them appear in my photo gallery from that day. Obviously they're not the exact same curtains, but at some point somebody decided to put that same logo on curtains in that spot. (Or they've always had curtains in this spot, always with an FP logo on them. I think these curtains are usually open--either that or I just never looked at that spot before 2010.)

(While searching my own blog for "FP," I came across another post where I suggested the Futures doubleheader should be one game of minor leaguers, and one old-timers' game. Great idea, past Me! I should have suggested this to the team now that they're doing special things for the 100th anniversary and taking ideas from fans, but it's probably too late now. Or maybe they ARE doing this and that's why the schedule is only showing ONE minor league game on August 18th. If that's true, somebody stole my idea. But it would be worth it, since we never get old-timers' games at Fenway anymore.)


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