Thursday, December 08, 2011

Fenway 100

Here's the press release describing some of the stuff the Red Sox will do for Fenway's 100th birthday this year. (It was released this morning despite the "11:13 PM" at the top.) Some notable things:

Four throwback days, including May 2 against the A's.

A 256-page coffee table book with some never-seen photos.

A "living museum" on display at Fenway.

An "open house" on April 19th, the eve of the 100th birthday, where fans can go to the dugout tunnel and clubhouse.

World's biggest toast before the game on April 20th vs. the Yanks.

They say they will announce more. As for Xmas @ Fenway--I didn't win. So I remain a lifetime 0-fer on that front. Hopefully some of you made the cut. Oh well, I'll be getting my tickets online that day and then hopefully being there when they open the doors to everybody for the Yard Sale, should they do it that way again. Oh, and if you wanna see Pujols at Fenway this year, the Angels come in for one series in late August.

World's biggest toast! They'll never keep it from getting cold and chewy.

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