Friday, December 23, 2011

Bobby V. The Truth (Retro Edition!)

I was looking through some old Bobby Valentine articles, and came across this one from 1999, which says

Valentine recalled being credited with a double when he hit a popup down the right-field line that bounced off the back of the first baseman's head.

He was talking about Candlestick Park. So I went and, skeptically, looked for the play. Sixty seconds later I had discovered that Bobby Valentine never hit a double in Candlestick Park in his entire career. Never reached on an error there either. There were a few singles to right, but no game stories from the time talked about this head-ball double. (I also checked home games against the Giants with no luck--but the whole point of his story was the wackiness of Candlestick Park.) So I think we know who really has the head injury here.

(I will admit that there's a chance the writer of the article could have gotten the quote wrong, but come on.)


Yesterday I forgot to include a link--the one of Bob McClure and Jim Gantner playing a dice-rolling baseball game in the 80s. The picture is below and it's from this page. The game in question, upon further reading, is actually Pursue the Pennant with a new name. I spent hours playing that game (though by then I was already a veteran of Strat-o-Matic, Statis Pro, Championship Baseball, and several games I made myself).

Don't worry, BobbyV will be more honest come the new year. If not, our boy Pete Abe will be lurking to keep him honest.

Pete Abe, Pete Abe
He's our man
He don't play
He's never too far away
He'll find out about all of BobbyV's evil ways

Anyhow, Jere, my brother, my man, my dude, my compadre, Merry Christmas!!!

And if you don't celebrate Christmas, then take it just for what it is: a nice pleasantry.
As long as I'm getting caught up with comments, and this post is about Bobby V., I should tell you that I went back into his restaurant a couple weeks ago for lunch, and they had already started making the transition to trying to be a 'Sox Bar' a la The Riviera and Professor Thom's. The waitresses are all now wearing Sox t-shirts (one rolled her eyes when I asked her about it), and they've kinda started putting more Sox signs up on the walls (in a real half-assed way at this point at least).

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