Saturday, December 10, 2011


Got through somewhere around 10:15. No Sox Pax had upper bleacher left* and I didn't want to pay a minimum of $200 plus fees for four games, of which I'd only care about one, so I made a lil' Sox Pack of my own through indie game tickets and got the exact games I wanted for a sweet price.

I see that as of now, 10:28, you COULD still get two together for opening day, in bad RF boxes. It always stinks when you're staring at a chance to buy opening day, but, again, I'm not made of money--when it's the Yanks or a flag-raising on Opening Day, or I can get the $12 seats, I'll do it in a heartbeat. If not, it's not a big deal for me. The game I HAVE to be at this year is the 100th anniversary one. Hopefully I get lucky with a twist o' skill when the time comes for that one.

This year's technical issue: Once I selected my games (by the way, after you select tix for one game, it will take you to the name/address info page--if you want multiple games, don't fill this out yet, just click "schedule" at the top and keep selecting for all the games you want, THEN click finish or whatever and fill out your info) and got to the credit card info area, I realized I had my old card in there as a saved card. The same card, just from before it expired. I just got the new version of the card in the mail this week. It wouldn't work when I typed my new 3-digit code for the expired version of the card. So I entered the new card in the "add new card" slot--only it gave me an error message saying "this card already exists." Well, yeah, the same number exists, because it's the new version of the same card! So basically there was NO WAY to use that card (without going back to my account and resetting the info--not an option with the clock running out on my tickets, and even if I did do it in time, that page with my tix on it wouldn't update, I wouldn't think.). So I whipped out my OTHER credit card, filled in the info under "add new card," and thank Gedman that one worked. Case for emergency credit card!

*do they even sell the Sox Pax at the upper bleacher price? I can't remember....

Glad you got the Tix you wanted!

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