Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Another One

See what you can do with this one:

Dukes of Hazzard
Eight is Enough? Hahahaha
Family Ties
Hollywood Squares
Incredible Hulk
Knight Rider
Love Boat
Miami Vice
One Day at a Time
Punky Brewster
Quantum Leap
Small Wonder
V... As in, 'V'
Young Ones
Zoobilee Zoo?
Yes on Newhart and Zoobilee Zoo, great job on those. Glad you could tell who Punky was--I thought she'd be so easy to draw but no. And for Roseanne I thought, I'll just draw a gigantic belly and it'll be obvious, but they're both kinda svelt. All the other ones you said were right too.

X is almost impossible.
Oh! Three's Company?
Yes! That back thing is the mouse-hole door, not a weird wig.
I assume C is Cosby Show because of the sweater, even though it looks like he's wearing William Shatner's toupee?
Yes on Cosby. It's supposed to be a neatly trimmed natural.
W is Wonder Years
G is Golden Girls, I think.
Is U "Unsolved Mysteries" because of Robert Stack's trench coat?
One last guess, is J for The Jeffersons? I have no idea on X. Maybe X-Men?
G: Yes.

U: Yes, the trenchcoat was key!

J: Yes.

X: Not X-Men. I wonder if I'll even be able to figure out what that show was. It wasn't anything I'd heard of. Don't think it was American. Guess we've got 'em all except that one.

Nice job!

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