Thursday, December 15, 2011

Amy Labor*

A month ago I did a whole post about the amount of Interleague games that would be necessary in the upcoming odd-numbered-leagues era. In response to people (like that one fat dude I don't like) assuming teams would have to play 30 Interleague games instead of the 18 they play now, I said

while [the number] doesn't HAVE to go down, it doesn't have to go up, either.

Well, I win, mutha-humpers. This article about the new labor agreement says

a new schedule format starting in 2013, when there will be six five-team divisions, with no more than 20 interleague games per team

We'll see if my full prediction about when IL games are played comes true when they announce the full schedule format for '13 and beyond.

Now let's talk about the other stuff in the new agreement:

Players won't be able to get tattoos of corporate logos. They say they're doing this so that nobody gets any ideas of selling body space. While I'm strongly against people selling their bodies to anyone (especially corporations), I'm also strongly for people being able to do what they want to their own skin. And what if a player gets Lyme disease? "That's the Target logo, my friend. You're banned!"

Teams from the same division will be able to meet in the playoffs pre-ALCS/NLCS. I like this. Don't know why they ever did it the other way. But this could be misleading, since there will be two wild cards. If they're from the same division, there's no way around them playing each other in the wild card round. Maybe after that the seeding reverts to what it is now, making it so you still can't meet a divisional rival in the divisional round.

No more quick uniform number changes. If you suddenly want to change your number, or switch with a teammate, you're gonna have to wait. Must get the request in by July, and you won't get your new number until the following season. So the teams want to make sure their concessions stands don't get stuck with a bunch of unsellable outdated jerseys. Kind of depressing to see what motivates these teams. "Hey, let's make money by selling player jerseys! Wait, what if the player changes his number? I know, we'll not allow them to do it!" So the big new free agent is slumping and decides he wants a new number. Oh well, more important to make money than to make the players happy.

Players may be able to wear microphones during the game. Prepare yourself for a Fox game with no announcers, just Derek Jeter chewing noises for three and half hours. He's sending signals to the second baseman that mere mortals can't decipher. You can't teach that.

More replay, maybe. Yes, please.

Longer All-Star Break, with All-Star Game on either Tuesday or Wednesday. I think they're just lookin' for more rest wherever they can get it. Wusses!

Everybody gets their own room in spring training! I'm thinking maybe some of this stuff should just stay private, if for no other reason than to not bore us.

No more arguing scorers' decisions. Good call. Just put out a hit on them the following offseason. You can afford it.

No more betting on any sports with illegal bookies or breaking the law, and a possible suspension for assaulting the media or throwing shit at fans. Okay, mom.

No nicknames written on equipment that might offend fans. Billy Ripken, beware....

*You have almost no chance of getting this reference. I went to high school with a girl named Amy Laber (with an E). She actually resurfaced in my life about five years after graduation when we both worked in the music department at Borders in Danbury. It was weird, because we ran in different circles in high school, and I was slightly intimidated by her at the time, but suddenly there we were as equals, forced into the same clique by default...and we worked really well together. Nice girl. Amy, if you just Googled your name, hope your enjoying your summer. (Just randomly picking a season as she could find this at any point from now on.)


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