Friday, December 09, 2011

All Times In

Here are your weekday afternoon home games for 2012:

Fri. 4/13 vs. TB (Home Opener): 2:05
Mon. 4/16 vs. TB (Patriots' Day): 11:05 a.m.
Fri. 4/20 vs. NYY (100th anniversary of Fenway Park): 3:05 (to roughly match start time of 1912 game)
Tue. 5/15 vs. Sea: 4:05
Mon. 5/28 vs. Det (Memorial Day): 1:35
Wed. 6/27 vs. Tor: 1:35
Wed. 8/8 vs. Tex: 1:35
Mon. 8/27 vs. KC: 1:35

Mother's Day is a home game, Father's Day is away.

Weekday night games will be at 7:10, Sunday afternoon games will be 1:35. Saturday non-Fox games will be 1:10 or 7:10. (I think the Fox ones are 4:05/7:15.) The Sunday night ESPN schedule isn't out yet, but (only!) two of our Sunday games have "TBD" listed meaning they could be ESPN night games.

Of the games above, the ones without a notation are just getaway days, but I'm wondering why the May 15th game only went back to 4:05. They didn't need a day game there, as neither team is travelling very far for the next night's game. Then again, they only pushed the game up by three hours. It's like a half-getaway day.

Having all the times set now is a good idea. Last year they tried to give us an early heads-up by putting either "day" or "night" on the schedule before they knew the times. Which only led to extra clutter on the already ad-ridden schedule when they forgot to remove the day/night notations for some games. One is still there! August 4th.

Hope this helps your decision making tomorrow morning. Good luck. I'm sure I'll be updating you live from the virtual whatever room, saying the same shit I say year after year after year after year after year yafre reay fater raye tafer yare.......

I see now that they actually did a press release about this. I hadn't seen it when I wrote this--I've just been obsessively watching the schedule waiting for the T's to go up, and today I noticed the times were listed.

Again, they put a press release on the web site with an attachment, but we can't see the attachment. This really pisses me off because it feels like the "real" media is getting this stuff in their inbox WITH the attachment. Meanwhile bloggers don't get the attachments. (Then again, it's the bloggers who are figuring things out BEFORE they even see the release, so we're ahead of those mediots anyway.)

The release notes that 3:05 is the EXACT time of the 4/20/1912 game. I've read that it was at 3:00, but I also read 3:15. They're going with 3:05 and saying that was the time. I wonder....

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