Tuesday, December 27, 2011

1990s Film Alphabet

Made this thing in response to an 80s one I saw on another site. Figured I'd post it here too. See if you can figure these out.
I hate how sometimes I intend to do funny drawings but then I end up trying to hard, so instead of "funny" it ends up looking "bad." But, whatever. Hopefully it's...bad enough to be funny?

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery
Dazed and Confused
Edward Scissorhands
Full Metal Jacket
Groundhog Day
Home Alone
Independence day
Jurassic Park
A League of Their Own
Men in Black
Natural Born Killers
Office Space
Pulp Fiction
Quick Change?
Reservoir Dogs
Shawshank Redemption
Usual Suspects
V... Volcano?
Wayne's World
Zero Effect
Woohoo! Okay, here are my responses:

Batman is Batman Forever (that's the point of the nipples!).

F is wrong

Yes on Quick Change

Terminator 2

Yes on Volcano
Yes on X-Files

Nice job getting Zero Effect.

Will leave K and Y for others to try...
F is Face/Off?
Is K Kazaam?
No and no. K is very hard but F I thought would be easy!
F is "Fargo"...that's definitely Marge Gunderson's hat...No idea on K...
Is Y "Young Guns 2"? Please say yes. That would be...awesome.
Yes, it's Marge! Fargo!

And yes it's Young Guns II....

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